We all know in our heart, this trip is solely dedicated for Sunflowers. So all seven of us decided to go together and make this trip worth its while.

DAY 01

We arrived at Bangkok night before and started our trip fresh to Khao Yai the next morning. Bear in mind, places in Khao Yai are quite distant from one another, therefore we’ve booked a 3-day charter van with a driver in advance to take around Khao Yai through Klook. We are free to plan our own itinerary, and the driver helps us to rearrange our places and added in few to fill our days.

You can book one from Khao Yai Custom Tour from Bangkok

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The 3-hour journey from Bangkok filled with laughter, and sometimes snore noises. It was still early when we arrived at our first stop, the Primo Piazza.

Primo Piazza
Entrance Fee : 200 Bhat
This is an Instagram-worth place. The Italian-themed building makes you feel like you are in some part of Europe, every corner is worth for a photo shoot. As for the entrance fee, it feels like it’s a little bit too high – they should revise it.

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You’ll get 10% off on food and drinks from the entrance ticket, which shop assistant will say, ‘the price is already discounted’ when we asked. We had some fried fish, fries and the strawberry cheese ice cream.

There’s a small barn where you can feed the sheep, cows and alpacas. I noticed from the other bloggers who’ve visited the place the farm animals are free to wander near the barn areas, but when we were there, they were kept in the barn. It could be the weather issues, it was quite hot when we were there and they said it will be getting colder in December – so, plan your visit wisely.

Next to Primo Piazza there’s a small sunflower field, but our mind was diverted to the one at Maneesorn Fields so we skip it and went straight to Piazza Palio.

Piazza Palio
Shopping places with a vibe of the Italian buildings; there are souvenirs shops, food, places, art galleries as well as a cat cafe. You can wander around taking photos if you are not interested in shopping.

Salasa Hill Halal Restaurant
Not far from the Piazza Palio there’s a halal restaurant, you can see the halal sign from the road. The restaurant is quite big to cater a big group and it’s divided into two sections – the VIP and the common area. The food was great, I tried Green Curry Thai Fried Rice. Unless you are a huge fan of spicy food and can munch on 10 chilis, do not go for this meal or ask to reduce the spiciness level. It was too spicy, but so good that I don’t mind getting an upset stomach later on.

Rain pours down heavily while we are having our lunch, giving us sometimes to perform our prayer and chilling from the hot weather earlier.

Chocolate Factory
The chocolate factory isn’t in our top priority list, but we make a stop anyway, and we don’t regret it. You can smell the sweet, rich scent of chocolate from their fountain outside. It urges you to get inside and once you get in, the smells gone hah! They have variety of chocolates, cakes and drinks. You can see the chocolatier through glass windows, making chocolates.

The staffs are quite helpful, they guided us through their menu and highlight those that don’t contain alcohol and animal gelatin. We bought a lemon cake, cheesecake and chocolates.

Shop next to The Tale Cafe and Gallery
It was a few blocks away, not our intention, but we are looking for convenience store when we stumble on this shop. We didn’t go inside the cafe, we went to their thrift shop next to it (can’t tell if they are operated by the same owner or not). They have quite a collection of Japanese games, miniature as well as dinnerware and some clothing on the second floor. And we bought ourselves a VHS tape of Macross 7 and Kekoshi Dolls *scream*

We called it a day and checked-in to our guest house at the Lake View.

DAY 02

We had a good sleep, well at least I had a good sleep. We woke up early to witness the sun rises shimmering the lake, and had breakfast together before going to our first stop the farthest Baan Suan Noi Resort or well known as the Hobbit House Resort.

Baan Suan Noi Resort (Hobbit House)
Entrance Fee : 50 Bhat.  Costume Fee : 100 Bhat (Optional)
The place is rather smaller than what I imagined, but the entrance fee is quite cheap so it’s quite okay. They are expanding the area by adding more ‘castles’ and ‘photo shoot area’ probably by next year the place will be double its current size. They also rented out a costume and you can take photos pretending to be the fairy tale character you wish you were, as well as Harry Porter’s costume if you want to chant a spell. The main attraction to this place is the hobbit house, you can as well opt for a night stay here. Other than that, there are the mini Santorini, and some other castle on the right side of the main entrance.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sunflowers Fields
We were quite disappointed to know that the Sunflowers at Maneesorn Field & Saraburi are yet to bloom. The driver said the taller the sunflower is the longer it takes to bloom, so did what our host told us, ‘it might take another two weeks for it to be fully bloom.’ The driver, however drove us to two fields, one next to Primo Piazza, and one further down from that place. Both are quite short, about my height (I’m petite) and are about to harvest. The sunflowers are facing downwards instead of facing the upwards.

Sadly, we went back to Palio Piazza and spent our money on food and souvenirs. I went to Jim Thompson’s gift shop and learnt that their farm is yet to open too. The festivities will start in December – if you are chasing after sunflowers, here can be one of the option but the entrance fee can be quite expensive too.

We went for lunch at Salasa Hill Restaurant again, the restaurant was quite full today. The VIP room is reserved for a large group and a few tables outside filled with other customers too. This round we had tom yum kung with rice and omelet with prawn. It was perfect!

Midwinter Green
Before we headed home and call it a day. The driver made a stop at the Midwinter Green with the thought that we were going to have our dinner here – Nope! The food can be quite expensive and getting a halal meal can be quite difficult. So we wander around taking some photos and went to their mini shop – Picnic Store. There, we found some halal products from chocolate to apple cider.

After numbers of stop at 7-Eleven, hunting our favourite pre-packed halal meal, the deep fried fish with herb & spicy sauce with rice, we went back to our Homestay – laugh our heart out during dinner, rearranged our plan for the next day and switched room so everyone of us get a chance to stay in a room with the lake view.

DAY 03

After breakfast and countless photos with our host & Mr Fong, the driver we started on a final day journey with a stop at The Bloom. Honestly, the driver insisted us to visit it first since day one. I don’t fancy this place that much, I overheard some bad review as well as fake flowers there, but once we get there only we know why.

The Bloom
Entrance Fee : 100 Bhat
They gave you 20% off on beverages at the cafe with the ticket. Later we found out there’s nothing much on the menu besides coffee and mango juices. We skipped it, we saw the mango juices drank half before left wasted by their customer – so we predict it might not be that good after all so NOPE!

The place is quite big – not huge, and thank God! We finally get a chance to witness the sunflowers – here’s why the driver insisted! But communication barrier he might not be able to find the right word to say! The sunflower field isn’t that huge, but I’m still glad that we made it anyway, about to harvest too, but better than the other fields we went yesterday.

Besides beds of flowers, sculptures built in between flowers they also have a small area where you feed the sheep. If you are too lazy to walk you can always go for a buggy ride.

Nasi Ayam Pulut (Chicken with Sticky Rice Stall)
We made a quick stop at one of the halal stall Akmal saw from day one. It’s located at the junction heading to Primo Piazza. We bought some chickens, sticky rice and run to the nearest 7-Eleven to stock up our drinks and food before heading to our second stop.

Khao Yai Art Museum
Sculptures and painting here we go. We were greeted with outdoor sculpture garden from the entrance gate to the main museum entrance. They are three gallery halls on the first floor, which one of the hall, exhibits a collection of the former king of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej when we were visiting. It showcases some sculptures as well as paintings.

Museum shop and cafe, both are on the second floor and the view from upstairs are fascinating and chilling. There’s residences across the garden next to a small lake with lotus flowers floating on the surface.

Chokchai Farm
Entrance Fee : 200 Bhat (Adult) / 100 Bhat (Children)
Our last stop before lunch and heading Bangkok. We didn’t enter the farm, we are here for their infamous milk and strawberry smoothies. There are farm animals like cow, sheep as well as rabbits at the outside and you can feed them with a fee.

Umm Milk! Shop
Now, let’s talk about the oh-so-good on Milk! Go to the main shop towards the right side from the main entrance to the farm – you wouldn’t miss it. We read a review from another blogger and decided to give it a try. If you are to choose an ice cream – always go for the original the umm Milk! Unless you are not a fan of milk. The milk is lactose intolerant too. The strawberry smoothie, as well as the chocolate flavour are both yummy.

Right after that we went to Ayah Halal Restaurant located near to the farm, but sadly when we were arriving, the restaurant was closed. It’s too far to drive back to Salasa Restaurant, so we made another stop at 7-Eleven bought some burgers, sausages and chicken fingers (must buy at 7-Eleven Thailand) before driving back to Bangkok!

After all, we are quite satisfied with the trip, we almost missed the sunflowers but made it anyway. Will I be back? Depends, or I might opt for Lopburi next year and wander around the other places of Thailand. There are so much more to see in Thailand, all are beautiful and fascinating.

One with Mr Fong, our driver in Khao Yai

As mentioned earlier, we stayed a night at Bangkok day before Khao Yai and another night after Khao Yai. Reasons being is to fully utilise the charter service. While in Bangkok, as we have a little time to wander around, we book a grab car and split it between us, the fare is still considered affordable.

I love flowers. Yes I do.

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