We woke up a bit late today. Trying to store more energy and get more sleep before our double train rides that will take a whole day from Udaipur to Jaipur and to Jaisalmer.

Our painting session scheduled at 2pm later so we can afford an extra napping, stuffing more naan, some fruits, sodas and snacks while wandering around the town, exploring every street and corners. We were greeted with a hello, Konnichiwa (none of us looks like Japanese), and sometimes by our name (It took them less than 24h to recognise and remember our names). We waved and grinned as we pass by.

We arrived at the painting shop 10 mins early and had a chai before we started our class. It was simple, but need patience to achieve the details of the painting. Which wasn’t my best traits. I choose the simplest form to draw, a peacock, the national bird of India.

He then explains the story and symbolism behind the three sacred animals in Rajasthan, Culture and India as a whole; Elephant, Horse and Camel. These three animals are the trio in India Miniature painting.  The elephant is a symbol of good luck, Horse portrays power and Camel represents love.

As the painting progressed, we shared about life in Malaysia, as we talked and laughed, we heard some signals and he said, there will be an elephant passing by in a minute. So we waited outside, getting our phone ready. The elephant has some chalk painting all over its body.

I’ve finished my painting just in time. No, I wasn’t proud with the painting. Unlike Ichie, I didn’t focus on detailing, and I didn’t really mind if it doesn’t end up look like the sample he showed us. Ichie is a top-notch. Period.

I tried my best, I swear

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After another round of chai and sharing we excused ourselves to the lake and getting ready for the night show at Bagore Ki Haveli. The lake was filled with local taking bath and some kind of ceremonies. Girls with their moms and aunts with flowers, while the boys high diving into the lake. The sun began to set, a golden yellow sky shimmering against the lake, birds flying across the lake, perfect and beautiful.

As the crowd started to queuing and gathering in front of the heavily, we made a move and started to queue. We were patiently waiting as we purchased our tickets and entering the haveli. We must take off our shoes. We put it in our bag instead of leaving it outside at the shoe rack, didn’t want to risk walking back to the hotel barefoot to not be able to find our shoes back after the show.

We choose the best seat, a few rows from the front and the hall filled quickly with locals and foreigners. The show started right after, with some Rajasthani folklore story, in Hindi and we tried our best to interpret it. It then follows with some stunt, lovely colourful and bold costumes, and beautiful songs, although we don’t understand its meaning, at all, it was entertaining.

And I love the Rajasthani costumes, and how their scarf (Odhi) tucked inside their skirt (Ghaghra) in one side and worn over the heir shoulder to cover their head on the other side. The blouse too is quite similar to what we Malaysian called, ‘Kurung Kedah’

The 90 mins show ended with applause. We rushed back to the hotel, and packed our bags and get some sleep as the train will leave early morning for Jaipur. Our next stop is Jaisalmer, the golden ancient city!

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