We had a good sleep throughout the 8 hour train ride from Jaipur to Udaipur, the A/C was a bit too cold, but we were prepared. It was a gloomy morning when we arrive, the sun was yet to arise. Glad that we already informed our guesthouse host that we will be arriving early, hoping that they can get the room ready so we can unpack and get some rest, before exploring the city.

And, here we go, another negotiating skills needed before we hired a rickshaw to the guesthouse. It was about 10mins ride passing through the city that just waking up, shops are yet to open, it was quite, animals roaming lazily and we were pretty exhausting.

The rickshaw pull over in a corner, there was a handwritten sign to the guesthouse and we had to climb the stairs, great! The owner is a Muslim family, and we’ve already thrilled and listed quite a long list of food that we’ve been craving for. We waited for a while before they sorting out our booking and get our room ready, and it’s beautiful. The guesthouse is facing the lake, and I can stare at it all day long, but we had a bigger thing need to take care of, sending our parcel that weighting our bags back to Malaysia.

We asked the owner, Mr Salim for the suggestion, and he helps us to make some arrangement with his friend. Problem solved. We quickly unpack our bags and rearrange the parcel needed to be sent out. After a quick shower we went to the rooftop for breakfast. They were in the middle of fixing that area, I bet it will be even more beautiful in the future.

If you’ve been following my blog from day one, you’ll notice that I’m quite fond with a lake. It has it’s calming, romantic vibes in it. Maybe because I never been staying near to the lake, for more than two days? Will I get bored if I stay longer?

After breakfast we waited for Mr Salim’s friend to take us to the post office, but before that we need to get our parcel wrapped. This is interesting, I never know they still do this, we can’t simply boxed our parcel, it has to be wrapped in a white cloth and sewed. Or else, you can even get it shipped out from India. We went to a shop nearby to get it wrapped, it took quite a while. Later, we decided to use their courier service instead of going to the post office, since I don’t know how long will it takes for us to wait and get it done.

We agreed on the amount we had to pay, I wrote down my address, she passed me a slip and the parcel off to her good hand. We were then asked to be dropped off at the town centre, thanking him and off to our exploration.

Our first mission was to get as close as we can to the Pichola Lake, we trailed down the map and road sign to the lake, while wandering and hopping from one shop to the other shop that sells door knobs. I know, door knobs. They are beautiful, if we haven’t sent our parcel off I might be buying those knobs in a bulk and shipped it along with the other souvenir.

As we went further from the city centre, it was a long walk, we can get used some sodas and chips by now, passing through junctions only to realise that we were guided to the other side of the lake. The side where tourist hired a boat ride around the lake or to the city palace. As we arrived to the place, we were feeling me, well, it’s nothing much to see unless you hopped onto one of the boat which was not in our list. ‘Lets’ get back to the town’ I said, and we are off to our second mission, going for a miniature drawing workshop.

Besides lake, Udaipur is known for its art, wall decals, painting classes can be seen everywhere. And we noticed that every train station in Rajashatan is decorated according to their main strength, as in Udaipur, its beautiful lake and its artsy feature.

We decided this will be a good opportunity to learn one or two things while we were in Udaipur. We went to a shop recommended by a guide book, and have a look around. That is when we realised, the Lake Pichola is actually situated inside the town, and we’ve been wandering farther off the town. The lake was shimmering as the sun hits its surface.

One at a time, we said, as we entered the shop. The charges were a bit high so we went to the other shop, before a guy approached us, offered the same service, cheaper. He took us to his shop, just beside the gate to the Pichola Lake and showed us some drawing he and his friend made. Indian’s art is amazing, the colour used, the details on every drawing is simply amazing. He then offered me a free nail painting of an elephant. I’m quite sceptical with free thing in India, but I proceed anyway, knowing that we will be taking a class from him on the next day.

It was amazing, what he did to my thumbnail. He looked at me and asked if I’d like to get all my nails painted (I knew it) but I politely declined. We thanked him and off to the lake after booking a slot for miniature painting with him on the next day.

We wander around the lake, and shops around it before heading back to the hostel for dinner. Starving and I can’t wait to devour the home cooked chicken masala.

We had our dinner on the rooftop overlooking the lake, with some religious chanting chant across the lake from one of the temples and some folk musical from Bagore Ki Haveli, which we will be going for their nightly Rajasthani folk music and dance on the next day.

Can we have some naan for breakfast? I asked Ichie. Silent. I guess it’s a yes.



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