How I wish we had more days to explore Vietnam as a whole, to Sapa, or Hanoi or other places that promises its natural beauty, and I wish that we have actually been able to go Siem Reap, but now that will be a good excuse to go back to Cambodia, and crossing the border again, perhaps to Thailand for the next round, and to Laos.

This is a short getaway hence, our budget is quite low. Food and shopping expenses are not included, and the total amount shown is per person. We used three different currencies, mostly USD (Cambodia & Vietnam), Dong (Vietnam) and Ringgit (Vietnam, while shopping at night market)

(‎1USD = RM4.20, September 2015)

One Way Flight (AirAsia) Kuala Lumpur – Phnom Penh, RM35 (~USD8.50)
One Way Flight (AirAsia) Ho Chi Minh – Kuala Lumpur, USD25.50

Phnom Penh, Day 01
Tuk-Tuk from half day tour USD10
Entrance Fee Killing Field & G21 USD6

Cambodia – Vietnam Border Crossing, Day 02
Bus from Phnom Penh to HCM City USD14
Bus from HCM City to Mui Ne VND120k (~USD5.30)

Mui Ne, Day 03
Jeep Tour USD4
White Sand Dunes Entrance Fee VND10k (~USD0.40)

Ho Chi Minh, Day 04
Bus from Mui Ne to Saigon USD6.50

HCM City – KL, Day 05
Bus to Airport USD1

Total for Transportation+Entrance Fees USD81.20 (~RM341)



Phnom Penh (Artist Guesthouse, 1night), USD11.60
Mui Ne (Mui Ne Backpacker Village, 2nights), USD13
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon Pink 2 Hostel, 1 night), USD11

Total for Accommodation: USD35.60 (~RM150)


Overall Budget (Transport + Others + Accommodation+Flight Ticket) 
RM341 + RM150 = RM491

Side Note: We spent roughly around USD3 on food in Phnom Penh and up to USD6 while we were in Mui Ne & Saigon (including snacks, lunch and water bottle).

I’ll be back! Stronger


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