We booked a day in advance bound for Saigon / Ho Chi Minh. The bus was packed, but we still managed to get the upper bunk. One stop for toilet break before we reached Ho Chi Minh, checked-in, unpacked our stuff and get ourselves ready for sightseeing.

The attractions are within walking distance with the help of my GPS & Google Map, we were avoiding tuk-tuk and taxis (they are infamous for their scams). We decided to skip Mekong Tour this round, we were there last year. We went for a quick self-tour from Ben Thanh to the post office and the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica area. The weather was good, a bit sunny.

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Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica


With few hours left before dark, we went to the Russian Market (by walking, sigh) I would not suggest this place unless you are really buying. My sister insisted, and we walked pass by a narrow aisle (again, we rely on GPS). Thank God, she was buying a some kind of running jacket (she said the price is much cheaper), and we rushed her back to Ben Thanh, following a different route and avoiding the narrow aisle.

Later that night we met my ex-boss and had dinner at the Nyonya Restaurant next to the Saigon Mosque (we named it, Green Mosque). We were basically starving and my ex-boss ordered some kind of egg with tofu, and it was so good, claimed as their best dishes. We had a good chat before he sent us back to Ben Thanh, wandered around the night market, haggling for our favorite comfy pants (I love Cambodian’s pants better, for the design and the material, eventho it’s slightly expensive)

It’s a wrap for Ho Chi Minh. We took a bus to airport from Ben Thanh bus Terminal the next morning, after crossing the gigantic (metaphor) crossing roads and waiting impatiently for about 45minutes or more.

I googled and most of the feedback said the bus fare is  3000VND, I gave 1USD (the only small notes I had) and he didn’t give me back any change. Well, that’s fine, I was carrying my huge backpack anyway (it’s huge for the petite me). Yes, they’ll charge for luggage/backpack!

As we got to the airport, our last thrilled just happened. We didn’t buy extra luggage, my backpack is usually less than 7 kg but my concern was for both Ichie and my sister. My sister is simply an overspending maniac, her initial backpack was already full, and she bought more stuff and put some inside Ichie’s backpack. The ticketing person usually is not that strict but not on that day as we were checking in, he insisted us to weight our bags. We were praying hard, excess baggage will cost us more. Thank God the luck was on our side, and I keep blabbering about how we should pack lighter next time!

Travelling by bus to and from the airport is actually convenient and cheap. I should do this often!


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