Starved, we were starving as we got up. The halal restaurant is 2km away from our hostel. Once our jeep tour reservation confirmed, we went out for breakfast. About 10minutes walking, we reached Mughal Restaurant to know that it will not open for business until 11am. Frustrated, and still starving, we grabbed a coffee and some snacks from convenient stores as we walked back to the hostel.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Enjoying our morning walk, strolling along the Nguyen Dinh Chieu street.

The closest we can get to the beach, by trespassing someone’s property!

Our morning well spent at the hostel and strolling along the street (and forth back from hostel to the Mughal Restaurant for lunch).

The food at Mughal Restaurant was ok (was actually so-so), or maybe because I am such a picky eater. I didn’t have much. But we were left with no choice as this is the only available halal restaurant at Mui Ne and we ran out of food.

Our Jeep tour was about to start when we got back to the hostel.There are two sessions of the jeep tour, the morning session and the evening session. We booked the evening session because we were late for the morning session. We rode a jeep, three of us and another two ladies from I don’t know where (I forgot, we did asked), and we met Anna again, the girl we met at the bus the day before. We were on the same tour, but in a different jeep.


Jeep ride is fun, too bad we didn’t get the convertible jeep, which would be awesome! Ichie was on the front seat, my sister and I and the back seat and the other two were seated behind us (which are even cooler). We didn’t talk much. Our first stop is the Mui Ne Fairy Stream. Known for its red muddy stream, and beautiful landscape. In a minute u feel like you are escaping Vietnam and stranded in Canyon, a small scale of Canyon. We were given 45mins to complete the tour, but we took more than that.

It’s highly suggested to wear slippers or sandals for this tour, you have to walk bare foot

En-route, we were supposed to follow the stream, but someone climbed up and the rest couldn’t resist such a breathtaking view. Sloping down to the stream wasn’t easy, seriously! We continue our walk following the stream until we found a mini waterfall with the oh-so-this-is-the-waterfall-we’ve-been-dying-for expression. But, it’s a personal opinion, some people though it’s lovely, while some will have the same expression like me.

The waterfall is the highlight for the Fairy Stream but I’d love to say the sand and mud itself are enough to make this place outstanding and worth visit (except some rubbish thrown by irresponsible people.)

The driver took us to the farthest sand dunes, the White Sand Dunes and we passed by the Red Sand Dunes and stopped by the fishing village for 10minutes, admiring the place and some panoramic photos. It was windy as we get there.

The White Sand Dunes. It is really white, as white as beach sand. And there is a lake, next to the sand dunes. We were given 40mins to wander around, and the ATV is quite expensive (350K VND for 20mins) so we rather walk or run.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

We did run, and we gave up because our feet sank into the sand and it became harder to run, and I wore slippers and we were panting. But it was fun, the place itself is beautiful, clean and well-care, except for some ATV tire tracks.

We were celebrating Malaysia Day (Sept,16) as a remarkable day when Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (before they left Malaysia in 1965) joined Tanah Melayu (East Malaysia) to form a country, Malaysia. We took some photos with Sabah’s flag (we are Sabahan – Borneon) and the tourist from China were getting excited and started to take photos (yes, photos) with us and I was screaming (inside) we only have 40mins here and please be hurry (with my fake smile for sure). But they were friendly, even though we barely understood each other.

Too bad we didn’t had enough time to wander far to the lake

Our final stopped is the Red Sand Dunes. This is also proclaimed as the public sand dunes. Not as clean as the White Sand Dunes, and more people. The view still breathtaking though, and you can see the sea from up above.

There are few kids selling sliding things for, ugh, I forgot, around 1usd or 2usd. And some mini eatery stalls, and mini markets. It was about to rain as we got there. The sky was getting dark. We had another 40mins here, but we (together with the other two ladies) decided to get back to the hostel early and shorten our tour of the Red Sand Dunes.

We were already in a bad shape, pretty exhausted. I blame myself for running up and down while touring the White Sand Dunes, and Ichie was rolling down the Red Dunes (for video purposes which is kind of funny) and she was covered with the sand. The sand itself is coarser compare to the white dunes. No, the truth is, I asked Ichie to roll down the hilly dunes, I told her the sand can be easily wipe off her shirts, but it didn’t! haha!


The rain falls heavily as we reached our hostel. We cleaned up and have a nap, we decided to check out Mui Ne’s nightlife, but when we got up, it was already the other day! We slept the whole night and Ichie was pissed off because she wanted to wander around the street at night, and had dinner at the Mexican Restaurant nearby (they served vegetarian food)


My conversation to Ichie as I feel guilty for overslept. Why didn’t you wake us up? I fall asleep too. Oh, that’s fine the night life shouldn’t be any differ from, ummm any other beach-cation like Langkawi. I promise, we have a night walk tomorrow at Ho Chi Minh.


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