We left South Korea with mixed feelings, love and hate. I don’t want to be a judgmental person, maybe I am getting older and my attention diverted to a calm heavenly place. I love Busan, I don’t hate Seoul, but I will choose Busan over Seoul, for the people, for the vibe or maybe for the fact that it is close to Japan? I don’t know.

Six days aren’t enough, we should be back and cover more places, or should I fly solo again? I’m dying to go to the DMZ, hiking the Mt Seorak, exploring every bit of nature, they offered, but for now, let me sum-up the expenses while we were in Korea.

Some of the food expenses and subway fare are included in the T-Money daily top-up. This could be a bit pricey, as I included our skiing expenses as well, and the cost is per person.

(‎₩1000 = RM3.27, February 2015)

Transportation Return Flight (AirAsia) Kuala Lumpur – Busan, RM750

Busan/Seoul, Day 01
Gimhae Airport to Gupo Station (Bus) ₩1400
Gupo KTX – Seoul KTX ₩51500
T-Money Card + Topup ₩3000 + ₩10000
Seoul Tower Cable Car ₩8500

Nami Island, Day 02
T-Money Topup ₩10000
Nami Admission ₩8000

Jisan Ski Resort, Day 03
Ski Lesson ₩130000
Ski Clothing Rental ₩17000

Seoul, Day 04
Locker ₩3000
Mugungwha Train to Busan ₩28500

Taejongdae, Day 05
Bus Return (Tejongdae) ₩2500
Danubi Train ₩1500
Busan Subway Pass ₩4500

Gamcheon, Day 06
Bus Return (Gamcheon) ₩2000
Gamcheon Map ₩2000
Busan Subway Pass ₩4500

Busan – KL, Day 07
Busan Metro ₩1500
Gimhae Transit ₩1300

Total for Transportation+Ski+T-Money: ₩290700 (~RM951)



Seoul (24Namsam Guest House, 2nights), ₩60000
Seoul (Silloam Jjimjilbang, 1night), ₩15000
Busan (Indy House Hostel, 2nights), ₩40000

Total for Accommodation: ₩115000 (~RM376)


Overall Budget (Transport + Others + Accommodation+Flight Ticket)  RM951 + RM376 + 750 = RM2077

Here’s how you can reduce your expenses when you are on a very tight budget.

1. Skiing, as mentioned on my previous post read here (I hate to re-type everything), you should reconsider other option like, getting a cheaper deal from tour agent. Here’s the agent used by my fellow friend, Sharon. Get more details from their website here


2. Or, just forget skiing, get there by free shuttle bus and just wandering around and return to Seoul, or choose other Ski Resorts that has more to offer

3. If you travel Busan to Seoul or Seoul to Busan, or anywhere which you have to travel from one city to the other city, via KTX, book in advance, and you can save few wons for food later, and if you are not in a rush, opt for Mugunghwa Train

4. I once studied on getting a night bus from Seoul to Busan, I must say, travelling by train to Busan is cheaper considering that Busan Central Bus Terminal is located at Nopo-Dong and you have to travel by Subway to Busan Station, or any places that you want to get, and ugh.do the math

5. Always keep your eyes on AA or MAS deals, or any other related airlines there will always be a bargain, promo, but you have to be hurry, because the seats are always limited! Tips over tips: high speed internet, clear your cookies and you should have sufficient cash in your account!

6. Fly KL to Busan and fly back to KL via Seoul, or otherwise to save on the train fare, but you still need to do the math, in my case, I choose to fly KL-Busan-KL because fly out or in via Seoul cost us more than paying for a train ticket

7. Stay at Jjimjilbang, it’s cheaper. Enough said!

8. Surf coaching if you dare, in my case, I still rely on cheaper hostel! And food? Bring your own food!

DCIM100GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

A week after South Korea

I thought I’m not going to miss the cold killing weather, I was wrong, I miss it to the bits, I started to nag when to sun hits me, I turn the A/C to the max. But, I must say, leaving Japan year ago left a bigger mark on me, than this!

It’s unfair, that I still miss every bit of you!


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