Ichie was still sickly sick. She went to toilet numerous times, threw up. We left at 7 am and headed to the bus station next to Woori Bank for a shuttle bus to Jisan Forest Ski Resort.

Shuttle Bus Tips: Book your shuttle bus in advance, you may have to ask your Korean friend to book it via their website (only Korean is allowed to do the booking), otherwise, like what I’ve done, I asked the hostel receptionist to book for me. Thank God the bus station is actually within walking distance from our hostel.

We walked all the way to the bus station with a map marked Woori Bank and wait there. I have this anxiety issue, I can get nervous and panic, and once we get there, there’s no sign of the Jisan Shuttle Bus to be passing by or stop by at the bus station. I meant, at least they should have a small sign shows us that it is actually the right place where we should be waiting for it, right!

We actually got confused, should we wait at the bus stop or should we cross the road and wait at the other side next to the Woori Bank. So just wait at the bus stop and pray, few minutes gone by and finally the bus arrived and it was on the other side of the road.

Again, with the panic and anxiety problem, I ran, no, we ran across the wide road without even bother to cross it properly using the zebra crossing which is a few meters away from us and panting once we got into the bus, which only left 10minutes later, hah! What is the point of running? The bus is actually waiting for us anyway haha!

I just found the note given by the receptionist. How fool I was, it was clearly stated there Woori Bank, means I have to wait next to the Woori Bank, not at the other side! I wasn’t sure if Ichie felt any better after being forced to run like that, so she decided to have a nap.

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Once we get there, we were actually getting excited once we saw the ski slopes, they have 7 main ski slopes and 3 sub-slopes accessed by 5 high-speed lifts and we were again, freezing to death. Clueless, we walked to the main office and looking for someone to help and guide us for a ski lesson. We went to the ticketing area first when the lady told us to go to the office at the J-Park.

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Once we got to the office, tadaaaa it took us by surprised. From the researched I’ve been doing it will only cost you around ₩60000 per person and the lady showed us the brochure, for a class of three (they named it a family class) it is actually ₩130000 per person! I just had enough money for that and will not willing to pay more and I was pretty down.

I went thru my conversation with a friend, she was at Jisan Resort a week before with a tour that she booked earlier for only ₩75000 per person excluding the other rental. I should have listened to her and took the tour instead but anyway, we were there already and we wanted to experience this so bad! My sister is always be our life saver, so she said, it’s ok then, and pull out her credit card and there you go, we were ready for skiing!!!! We took our ski gear and change our clothes.

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Our guide/trainer is a young college guy, around 20y-old I guess, he was quiet funny, he told us his English wasn’t that great. We said it’s ok, it’s not his mother tongue, so do we. As long as we can understand each other, language barrier shouldn’t be a problem. He kept laughing during the session as his friends were mocking him during the warming up session, instead of doing the exercise routine in Korean, he did it in English, and they thought it was quiet funny.

The lesson went well, he taught us few skills, how to purposely fall down so it won’t hurt, and how to get up, how to walk around and how to sloping downward. We had a hard time getting up, falling down is pretty easy. My sister and I can do it pretty well (of course after a few trials) and Ichie said, “I have a big bum and they just refuse corporate with me, they won’t listen” we burst out laughing!


But, Ichie was pretty good with skiing, and I second her (not that good, and not that bad either). My sister was pretty bad with it, she said it was slippery she can barely move. We waited for her like 15 minutes, had a chit chat with the trainer and she still was not being able to reach us.

?; Soon after I asked Ichie, if she felt any better. She looked and me and said, “OMG I totally forgot that I was sickly sick earlier!” Thank god we went for skiing, it made her feel much better! Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

After two hours of the ski lesson, we returned our ski gears and wandered around with the funny looking ski wear! I had a dark purple top with rainbow pants, which is similar to what Ichie had. We had a coffee and no, we didn’t build a snowman. Let the photos tell the rest of the story!

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The bus will only depart from Jisan at 5pm, and I was in a bad shape already and the skiing lesson made me sleepy. We changed our clothes, pray, and have some nap at the waiting area before get ready for Seoul. As soon as we reached Seoul, we need to get to the Silloam Jjimjilbang, the shuttle bus dropped us at the Woori Bank and we walked from Myeongdeong, passing by Dongdaemun and Namdaemun to Seoul Station. I bought myself a new pair of winter shoes for ₩9900! I know right, it was a bargain!

We reached Seoul Station around 7pm / 8pm, I can’t remember clearly, and it was flooded with beggars. Here was where everything gets a little bit tricky. The Silloam Jjimjilbang, known as the best sauna in Seoul is actually nearby the Seoul Station, if you know exactly which exit you should follow. We were actually following the right exit as per our note, but we took a different route and lost. Luckily we met an uncle whom can speak English very well, and he actually is very helpful and guide us, we had a little chat before, we thank him and went to the sauna.

We found it eventually, with a few of “ohh..we should follow this route, it’s faster” but I can’t guide you here I can’t remember very clearly which exit we actually took! But this is what I’ve written down on my note

Exit Seoul Station to Lotte Mart, turn left, cross the traffic light, follow slope to Silloam Jjimjilbang.

Once we get into the sauna, hysterically, we weren’t prepared for this, we actually thought that we were well prepared, we brought extra sarong because we won’t walking naked but as we get into the ladies area, I don’t know should I just be cool and stare at it or should I pretend not seeing it. Being Malaysian, I bet some Singaporean and obviously Bruneian too, this will be very uncomfortable. Did we stripped down? No even we wanted to try the hot sauna so bad! So we changed our clothes and straight away went to the sleeping area (after a few times going ups and downs for nothing). 

I was actually hoping later that night when all were seeping I can sneak into the sauna room and have a bath, but, I was so sleepy and we slept soundlessly though my sister had a very interesting story she had experienced that night! Yeah, we totally forgot to have a photo with our Jjimjilbang t-shirt duh!

Have you been to jjimjilbang before? How does it make you feel?

2 thoughts on “Hot and Cold, Skiing and Jjimjilbang

  1. Hi, I am intending to take the shuttle from Myeongdong too. Can you share the directions to the woori bank bus station? Which is the nearest hotel in the area? Thanks!!!


    • Hi Candice, we were staying at the 24Namsam Guest House when we were there. I can’t remember the exact direction how to get there from the GH, but you can always ask the reception, in our case she helped us to print out the map and marked the place. It’s in walking distance. Our GH is near to Myeongdeong station, so does the Woori Bank.


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