Japan has been already over, left me broke and happy. We believe that Japan is extremely expensive, from the food, public transport to accommodation. And, I was in a very tight budget, I planned a few months in advance, to keep everything in my budget, and still manage to visit places that I’ve been longing for.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset These expenses covered air ticket (including my flight from Malaysia to Japan), transportation (bus, Shinkansen, local train/subway) and also my accommodation throughout the 9 days in Japan. Food, is exceptional, because I brought my own food and I lost track of my food receipt (well, I only bought tuna sandwich a couple times, and drinks)

(¥100 = RM3, October/November 2014)

Transportation Return Flight (MAS) Kuala Lumpur – Narita, RM1801

Tokyo, Day 01
Keisei Skyliner (from Airport to City) ¥1030
Tokyo 3-Day Subway Pass ¥1500
JR Train to Nippori  ¥280

Kawaguchiko Lake, Day 02
Bus from Tokyo, ¥3500 (return)
Kawaguchiko Pass ¥1200

Tokyo, Day 03
Willer Bus (to Nagano), ¥3000 (bought online)

Alpen Route, Day 04
Alpico Bus (Nagano to Ogizawa), ¥2600
Alpen Route Full Route (Ogizawa – Dentetsu Toyama), ¥9490

Toyama, Day 05
Train (Toyama to Unazuki Onsen), ¥1520
Kurobe Kyokoku Tram (Unazuki – Kanetsuri), ¥2420 (return)
Train (Unazuki Onsen – Takaoka), ¥1690
Kaetuno Heritage Bus (Takaoka – Suganuma Village), ¥1200

Gokayama, Day 06
Kaetuno Heritage Bus (Suganuma – Ainokura), ¥560
Kaetuno Heritage Bus (Ainokura – Johana), ¥730
JR Train (Johana – Takaoka), ¥560
Thunderbird + JR Train (Takaoka – Nijo, Kyoto), ¥7320

Kyoto, Day 07
Bicycle Rental, ¥400

Kyoto, Day 08
Kyoto JR Train & Local Train, ¥410
Train (to Osaka), ¥590

Osaka, Day 09
Nankai Airport Express, ¥920
Jetstar (Osaka to Tokyo), ¥7420

Total for Transportation: RM1801 + ¥48340 (~RM1450) = RM3251



Tokyo (RetroMetro Backpackers, 2nights), ¥6000
Toyama (Ryokan Kiyota, 1night), ¥3240
Suganuma (Gassho Hostel, 1night), ¥4500
Kyoto (Hannari Guest House, 2nights), ¥3800
Osaka (Capsule Hostel, 1night), ¥2000

Total for Accommodation: ¥19540 (~RM586)


Overall Budget (Transport + Accommodation)  RM3251 + RM586 = RM3837 

Planning to go Japan soon and this budget is killing you? Here’s some tips

1. Get a cheap flight ticket, it was my birthday and I want to fly with MAS, you can get a cheaper deal with AA, almost half of my flight fare, or even less

2. Opt for a different route, you can forget about Alpen Route and Toyama (including Gokayama), visit the three main cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

3. Fly from KL to Osaka and fly back to KL from Tokyo (either way will do, to save on flight/Shinkansen)

4. Stay in a cheaper hostel (I can sometimes be picky when it comes to hostel, I rather stay in private room rather than mixed dorm when the female dorm is not available)

A week after Japan

The first few weeks after Japan, I started to nag when people didn’t queue when getting into a public transport, or when they conquer the escalator, or sidewalk and I cannot pass through them. I miss cycling, I miss the cycling path, I miss the Japanese, and I miss to be surrounded by the strangers. I miss how strong I can possibly be when I almost gave up and not to let the tears streaming down. I miss greeting the eldest, and they replied with their warm heart. And I do miss my Japanese friends!

DCIM100GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Japan can be expensive, but the experience is priceless. I’ll be back. Will you wait?

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