It took me years before I decided to start my own travelling blog. I kept my journal with me whenever I go, but I was too busy to spare some time for blogging, until now. I’ve been to few countries, and get addicted to it. I started with a group of friends and sometimes with my sister, with a little knowledge of what were we looking for, all in our mind were checked into the tourist spot, do a little bit shopping, sometimes way too much, when later I found out, I wanted to see more, I wanted to engage with the nature, the culture and meet the local. I wanted to be a traveller, rather than just a tourist.

I am finally flying solo, the first wasn’t that great, I hit the tourist spots, and that’s it. So I told myself, for the second trip, it should be more engaging, I listed down what I want to see, where I’d love to go. It was great, I met people across the world, escaping my comfort zone, wandering, lost with the old school map in my hand and heavy backpack on my back, and be able to trust myself, allowing my intuition to guide me.

London, Oct 20th, 2012

London, Oct 2012

Travelling, I don’t mind being lost, because that is how I find myself. Trust me, you will be able to find your way home, somehow.

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